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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Bonita Springs Cemetery

Cemetery Falls Into Disrepair

I am not sure what the solution is to this problem ... perhaps a group within one of the churches that own the property could take care of it? Or a scouts group? Or a group from a local high school looking for their community service hours? These groups may not be able to fix the memorial but could at least tidy up the cemetery and keep on top of the trash. I know the kids and I would be happy to volunteer to help out in any kind of effort.

My desire would be for the city to take over the upkeep of the cemetery, but they don't seem to agree with me there. In any case, something needs to be done.

Most of the historic buildings in Bonita Springs are long gone, either lost to fire, decay, or development, but we do have a wonderful rich history and it's important to remember it.

Over the summer my family discovered a small old cemetery in Rural, Wisconsin. Many of the gravestones couldn't be deciphered due to wear, but the ones we could read told such stories and gave such insight into the history of the area. The cemetery was well-maintained, telling us that the history there was respected and important. It was a very neat, memorable part of our vacation.

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