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Friday, February 29, 2008

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Crib Recall

The recall says there are only about 20,000 cribs involved in the recall, so it's not a super common crib.

But isn't it pretty? I love the detail on the front sides.
Everything is formatting very wonkily (not a word YET, but soon to be recognized as a form of wonky) in this post. Sorry about that!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Neapolitan Family Expo

I just got this in my mailbox:

Saturday, February 23

We're ready! Don't miss the Neapolitan Family Expo scheduled for this coming Saturday at Coastland Center. Your entire family will have a wonderful time! There is entertainment all day long as well as 60 vendors with information on everything ranging from health care to dance to martial arts to summer camps. Kids can hang out at our creativity stations and try their hand at a variety of art projects. We have a magician, face painting and lots of giveaways. It's all FREE.

Enter Coastland Center by Ruby Tuesdays and stop at the Neapolitan Family booth (under the balloon arch) where you can pick up an Expo packet and get additional information.

See you at Coastland Center Saturday from 10am-4pm!

For additional information call 514-0338 or email andrea@neafamily.com. Thank you and have a great day!


Andrea Breznay/Publisher


Just arrived this morning. Ralph Lauren dresses and sweater, ranging between 12 months and 2T. $9.90 each.
***the colors on these pictures stink ... they're actually all taken against the same blue wall, which most closely resembles the sweater photo. When I started taking the pictures I had a perfect reflection for a car window, it worked like one of those reflector things they use in a photo shoot. And then the car left. Sigh ... the nerve of some people!


Just in ... girls dresses with smocking. Beautiful, just beautiful. Each of these dresses are available in a size 6 and a size 8, and sell for $13.90-14.90 each.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

All Videos on Sale - $1.95!

All VHS video tapes now $1.95 at Ditto Kiddo while they last!

Choose from Rugrats, Oswald, Veggie Tales, and much, much more. Hurry in for best selection ... at this price they won't last long.

Black and Pink

The pictures don't do justice here (such a cloudy, lazy day ... perfect for shopping, yes?). These pretty pink dresses are sitting atop the most beautiful pink, white, and black bedding set.

The set includes a pink and white toile blanket, pink sheet, black and white striped skirt, mobile, bumper, valance, curtain, and lots of extra fabric to customize for your nursery. The set was custom made and is just decadent. And only $109.90!

The dresses range from size 12 months to 4T and are priced between $8.90 and $16.90. Perfect for Easter and any other spring occasion.
The white sleigh-style toddler bed peeking out from below the pictures is just decadent. It's full of style and character, with trim detail on the footboard and headboard, as well as decorative molding at the feet. At $79.90 it's just a fraction of it's new price.

More Snoo

What's snoo?
I'm so glad you asked ...

(yeah, old joke, done here, but a goodie ... at least I think so)

This Little Tikes garden is one of my all time favorite toys. It was so great for Adam and Kaden, helping them learn to crawl, then learn to stand, and then finally to walk. They loved playing with the mailbox too. The garden comes with mail and a garden vegetable, for chewing and "planting". Just $29.99!

We've also got pack and plays, cribs, bassinets, cradles, changing tables, a rocking chair, a glider, and more, more, more!

Thursday, February 7, 2008


These pretty little girls decided to dress up all by themselves for a very special tea party. No babies at this party, just a few very sophisticated fancy girls.

The ladies will nibble on chocolate delicacies while sipping their tea from their mod English orange tea set. After tea they shall skip through their French Garden.

All clothing and handbags available at Ditto Kiddo.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Unbearable Cuteness

Q: Why didn't the teddy bear eat his dessert?

A: Because he was stuffed.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Just Another Manic Monday

Nice, huh?

Last night (Sunday evening) Ditto Kiddo was robbed. The thieves broke the electrical meters (second and third images) in an attempt to void any alarms we had and to shut off the eternal Christmas icicle lights, then entered the store, grabbed the few dollars left in the cash register and took off, leaving us with no power, no cash, and lots of broken glass to clean up.

Unfortunately, we had to be closed today. To those of you who offered a hug or an ear: thank you! I realize that we made some people unhappy today by not letting them in to shop and for that I'm sorry, but there's no way we could let anyone in with broken glass all over the place (and it was everywhere, all the way back to the back room) ... if a child, or anyone, were to be hurt it would horrible and not a risk worth taking.

Clean up went well and we'll be opening tomorrow morning at 10:00. FPL came out and had the power restored in no time at all ... I was expecting a much more time consuming process there but they really know what they're doing.

Oh, it's pretty impossible to tell from the picture but in the last one there's a funky looking black blob in the bottom left of the last picture ... that's where the rock (middle left side of top image) hit the carpet hard enough to gouge it and pull it up from the floor beneath (the carpet was originally glued down).

After all ... tomorrow is another day.

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