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Monday, February 4, 2008

Just Another Manic Monday

Nice, huh?

Last night (Sunday evening) Ditto Kiddo was robbed. The thieves broke the electrical meters (second and third images) in an attempt to void any alarms we had and to shut off the eternal Christmas icicle lights, then entered the store, grabbed the few dollars left in the cash register and took off, leaving us with no power, no cash, and lots of broken glass to clean up.

Unfortunately, we had to be closed today. To those of you who offered a hug or an ear: thank you! I realize that we made some people unhappy today by not letting them in to shop and for that I'm sorry, but there's no way we could let anyone in with broken glass all over the place (and it was everywhere, all the way back to the back room) ... if a child, or anyone, were to be hurt it would horrible and not a risk worth taking.

Clean up went well and we'll be opening tomorrow morning at 10:00. FPL came out and had the power restored in no time at all ... I was expecting a much more time consuming process there but they really know what they're doing.

Oh, it's pretty impossible to tell from the picture but in the last one there's a funky looking black blob in the bottom left of the last picture ... that's where the rock (middle left side of top image) hit the carpet hard enough to gouge it and pull it up from the floor beneath (the carpet was originally glued down).

After all ... tomorrow is another day.


Beth H said...

Oh my God Jodi!!! I feel horrible for you. Being robbed is such a violation and it can really shake you to the core. (I was right after college)
I'm so glad to hear that they didn't walk off with much and the damage was quickly repaired. You'll be back to normal, or as much as you can, soon.
Sending a quick hug your way!

nikol said...

Oh Jody.
I'm speechless.
I wish I had been there to help.

Jenny G said...

This is horrible! I agree, it's such a violation. I'm just glad you or others weren't still in the store.

Just a note from a customer :)

April said...

Oh wow. I'm SO sorry to hear this! ((HUGS))

Carrie said...

OHMIGOSH!!!!!! Sweetie, I am SO sorry!!! That is BEYOND horrible. I can so feel your pain... we had two windows come in and a door and thankfully, we weren't robbed but I know that someone shot the window with a bb gun, as they do down the boulevard here! And to have to explain why you weren't open. **eyeroll** Again, I hear you. Have I mentioned that I want to write a book detailing what it's "really" like to own a store?!? You in?? ;)

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