Ditto Kiddo is closed.
Thank you.

Please e-mail dittokiddo1@aol.com with any inquiries about fixtures. We have some remaining and would be happy to part with them.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Store Hours, 30% off Storewide

Our hours for the upcoming week:

Wednesday 10:00-4:00
Thursday 10:00-2:00
Friday and Saturday 10:00-4:00

And, beginning Wednesday, take 30% off the price of everything in the store.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

In The News

A really nice article about our store closing ... should be a busy day today!

Ditto Kiddo owners closing for retirement

"It's been nine years and my wife and I decided that we wanted to retire early," said Jason Sanders, who owns the Bonita Beach Road store with his wife Jody. "I think we both want to spend more time at home."

With The Ritz-Carlton's Grill Room demanding more time from Sanders - he's the restaurant's manager - and Jody Sanders devoting a lot of her time toward quilting and attending craft shows the decision to close the store was a tough one.

"Some of our customers are devastated," Sanders said. "Their kids have grown up with us. Our kids have grown up here."

The store, which is devoted to children's clothes and furniture, is expected to close within the next month.

"Our store is half-empty now," Sanders said. "We moved everything to one side."

To help move the remaining inventory in the store, Ditto Kiddo is offering 20 percent off on everything including fixtures and new items, Sanders said.

While the couple plans to spend more time at home, they have no immediate plans to sell the business.

"We've had some interest," Sanders said. "But we've decided to hang on to the name for a few years. We may want to bring it back at a later date."

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Just a quick update:

We're thinking our last day open will be Saturday, April 19th. That's not set in stone, by any means, so keep checking the blog.

We have been very busy but started this closing with an extremely full store (intentionally!) so the shopping is still great. We actually still have a crib left, now priced at about $72.

Everything in the store, even NEW merchandise, is 20% off. (fixtures not included)

Hangers, at a whopping 5 cents each, are selling like crazy. Of course, every time we sell a piece of clothing we have another hanger available!

Jason just put out a bunch of DVD's. I'm not sure what, but they are the ones we used in the play area ... so they are popular titles.

Speaking of the play area ... the big gate, with three doorways, is for sale for $99. I'm sure that'll be gone in no time.

We have a lot of fixtures for sale ... standards, brackets, poles, racks, etc.

A Recall

Here's a new recall from Plan toys. Isn't he cute?
There have actually been quite a few recalls lately that I haven't posted about (been a bit busy closing the store). Check them out.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Unbeatable Deals

I posted yesterday that everything in the store is now an additional 20% off. Which makes for some really great deals, really great. I swear, if I didn't own the store I'd be shopping myself.

Here are just a few examples of the savings you'll find on our NEW items!

Bobux shoes regularly $25.99-$26.99, now $20.79-$21.59.

Baby Banz regular price $14.99, now just $11.99.

All Melissa and Doug toys are on sale. The insanely popular easel, a staple for most homes, regularly $49.99, now an unbeatable $39.99! Only 3 left, so hurry in.

Clean Shopper shopping cart seats were $29.99, now just $23.99.

We have one Melissa and Doug puppet theater left, at it's regular price of $119 we sold almost all we had, and this last one at $95.20 will go quickly.

Yes, we can ship. We charge only shipping and packaging costs, if there are any, never a handling fee. If that interests you give us a call at 239-495-1055 or e-mail us at dittokiddo1@aol.com.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Wow!!! Everything is 20-80% Off!!!

Going Out of Business Sale

Beginning Monday, March 17th everything at Ditto Kiddo is 20-80% off.

Hurry in!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day ... remember to wear green or get pinched.

Friday, March 14, 2008


I've received a lot of e-mail interest in the hangers we've got for sale. Here they are in all their glory.

They are 5 cents each, available in any quantity (I've got a store full of them!), and can be shipped at buyers expense. The suit hangers will be mix and match, you'll get some of each kind. If you come in to get them you can pull out the ones you want yourself.

Ask if you have any questions at all!

14 010
adult hangers

14 009
child hangers

14 008
child pant hangers

14 011
child suit hangers

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Most Common Questions so Far

Here are some answers to the questions I've been asked most often this week.

Why are you closing?
To be home with the kids.

When are you closing?
Today? 4:00. Oh, forever ... mid April, I think. We're playing it by ear.

When will things be marked down more and how much?
Again, we're playing it by ear. We'll probably do a second markdown next week sometime, but the item you're hoping to get at a lower price may well be gone by then.

Can I have a bigger discount now?

Why don't you sell the store?
We do have some interest in that and are more than happy to discuss selling the store with anyone interested! We'd love to sell it to the right person. We think this is a great store and would love to see it continue to meet the needs of our customers.

Is the Melissa and Doug really on sale?

Any chance you'll reopen elsewhere?
Anything is possible. But for now my focus is going to be on the kids and home schooling.

Are you going to miss the store?
Oh yes. Very much.

Are you still taking credit cards?

What's going on with frequent buyer cards?
We're not giving any new ones out but will honor ones that are already in circulation.


I've had so many requests for mannequins - pricing and sizing and such - that I thought I'd go ahead and post everything here.

12 004 26 022
First, I have soft doll like forms. They are a cream color from head to toe. The dolls are poseable, but don't have wire inside so they are best leaning against something, sitting, or posed just right that they stay put. Each are $25.
update 3/14/08: one remaining
1 are 27" tall and wear about 6-12 months clothing
2 1 are 33" tall and wear 18 month clothing
2 1 are 38" tall and wear 3-4T

2 1 are 44" tall and wear a 5-6

12 002
I have 2 one half forms on silver bases. They wear 12-18 month clothes and the height is adjusted at the base. Both of these have poseable arms but the shoulder sockets are broken so the arms hang naturally (they look fine but can't keep their hands above their heads). Each are $30.

12 003 07 009
I have 4 mannequins from the Gap, the kind they used to use. The four are full bodies and wear about 12 months clothes, but we've managed with 6 months up to 24 months depending on the items. The four do not come with stands but have openings at the backs of their legs to attach to a stand. They have cord at the back of their necks to hang them and have a maple toned disc at the neck opening. Each are $40.

I have two larger mannequins like the Gap kind but about a size 4-6 in clothing. Each are $40.
all sold

12 001 22 005
I have many fabric covered foam forms that hang. They give a nice shape to clothes, looking much better than just a hanger! $10 each.
5 2 size small, approximately 6-18 months
5 2 size medium, approximately 3t-5
3 size large, approximately 6-7

I might have heads for some of the headless mannequins, but they are being sold as if they are headless because I haven't located all the heads yet. If I find them I'll include them!

If you're interested in any of these or have any questions just ask.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Marking Down

Save 10% Storewide!*

*Store fixtures not included ... but they are for sale!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Hangers for Sale

We've started cleaning out the back rooms ... and, oh my, what a project that's going to be!

All hangers are available for sale for 5 cents each ... yes, 20 for just $1. That includes the good ones like these, which I paid an arm and a leg for. There are also some padded fabric covered children's hangers, those are going really fast, as well as adult and child plastic hangers.

All shelves are $2.90 each.

This morning I found a bag of new toys, lots of notepads and stuff, as well as some Pez dispensers, new in the packages and in sealed little bags. This stuff was behind the microwave and telephone. I remember buying the stuff, but have no idea when ... maybe 3-4 years ago? Would you think less of me if I told you the kids ate the Pez candies? Yeah, they did. They liked it too ... and only 35 calories for a whole little pack of candies.

Oh, the kids are cleaning out the store toys buckets and have already put out a few Thomas sets.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


The time has come to say goodbye to all our company ...

Not yet, but over the next few weeks. Yes, after 8 1/2 years we're closing the doors of Ditto Kiddo.

The biggest reason ...

  • Jason and I want to be home more and focus on the family, homeschooling five kids and just plain raising five kids is where I need, and want, my focus to be right now

There are lots of other reasons mixed in with that but that's the short explanation! If time permits over the next few weeks I'll go into more detail.

Get into the store now! As soon as we tell people of our plans they buy, buy, buy because they know that now's the time. We've got some great stuff right now but it's going fast!

We're no longer buying any items, of course.

We'll be honoring all frequent buyer cards that are in circulation until the end of March, but will not be giving out any new ones.

Tomorrow will be the last Grandparent's Day.

We've been asked if the store is for sale ... sure! Jason and I have a price in mind, but are pretty flexible. If you are interested, act quickly because the landlord is actively trying to lease the space.

Will we be marking everything down? Yes, within the next week or two and I'll post an announcement here ... and even the new merchandise, like Melissa and Doug will be included.

Just about everything is, or will be, for sale ... fixtures, hangers, furniture, office supplies.

We're still bringing things out of the back room and will be for a week or two so the stock will continue to change ... but, like I said, hurry in 'cause once the inventory is gone it's gone!

Our years at Ditto Kiddo have been full of joy and the memories are awesome. I'm sure there will be some tears shed before this is over and done with (um, starting now).

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Ditto Kiddo is closed permanently.

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