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Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Just a quick update:

We're thinking our last day open will be Saturday, April 19th. That's not set in stone, by any means, so keep checking the blog.

We have been very busy but started this closing with an extremely full store (intentionally!) so the shopping is still great. We actually still have a crib left, now priced at about $72.

Everything in the store, even NEW merchandise, is 20% off. (fixtures not included)

Hangers, at a whopping 5 cents each, are selling like crazy. Of course, every time we sell a piece of clothing we have another hanger available!

Jason just put out a bunch of DVD's. I'm not sure what, but they are the ones we used in the play area ... so they are popular titles.

Speaking of the play area ... the big gate, with three doorways, is for sale for $99. I'm sure that'll be gone in no time.

We have a lot of fixtures for sale ... standards, brackets, poles, racks, etc.

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