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Saturday, March 29, 2008

In The News

A really nice article about our store closing ... should be a busy day today!

Ditto Kiddo owners closing for retirement

"It's been nine years and my wife and I decided that we wanted to retire early," said Jason Sanders, who owns the Bonita Beach Road store with his wife Jody. "I think we both want to spend more time at home."

With The Ritz-Carlton's Grill Room demanding more time from Sanders - he's the restaurant's manager - and Jody Sanders devoting a lot of her time toward quilting and attending craft shows the decision to close the store was a tough one.

"Some of our customers are devastated," Sanders said. "Their kids have grown up with us. Our kids have grown up here."

The store, which is devoted to children's clothes and furniture, is expected to close within the next month.

"Our store is half-empty now," Sanders said. "We moved everything to one side."

To help move the remaining inventory in the store, Ditto Kiddo is offering 20 percent off on everything including fixtures and new items, Sanders said.

While the couple plans to spend more time at home, they have no immediate plans to sell the business.

"We've had some interest," Sanders said. "But we've decided to hang on to the name for a few years. We may want to bring it back at a later date."

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