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Please e-mail dittokiddo1@aol.com with any inquiries about fixtures. We have some remaining and would be happy to part with them.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Classic Pooh Auctions/Ebay

I've listed quite a few Classic Pooh items on eBay. If you bid and win I'll be happy to remove the shipping charges if you pick the items up at Ditto Kiddo!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

More New Arrivals

bumbleride stroller

If I thought there was even a small chance I'd need a stroller I'd be taking this one home. It's the bomb. Even Jason is impressed by it. Biggest things I noticed ... it's easy to maneuver, the wheels are fat and easy, shocks to keep baby happy, the handle bar is adjustable from average height to really tall (Jason is 6'6" and he found a setting that really worked for him), and it looks brand new.

The brand is Bumbleride and the stroller retails for around $299. Our price: $109.90. update: sold

Kids 2 Act. Center

This Kids II Around We Go! Activity Station is packed with fun stuff. The seat swivels around the toys, while the toy center also swivels. Includes music, busy beads, and more. I hate to admit this, but even my 9 year old had fun with this one!

This retails for about $89.99. Our price: $59.90

Pali Crib with Drawer

The same crib I posted yesterday? Nope, that one sold this morning! This one is the same color and also sleigh style, but that's where the similarities end. This Pali crib drops on both sides and has a drawer underneath for additional storage. Like new condition. $139.90

Friday, July 27, 2007

New Arrivals

I wish I could take an aerial view of the inside of the store right now, it's jam packed with great stuff! Below is just a small sampling. Stop by today.

ditto kiddo moses basket with stand

Beautiful Moses basket with stand. The basket lining is white with delicate blue embroidery. The removeable stand rocks. Just $99.99

ditto kiddo crib and bedding
Convertible sleigh-style crib in light wood $149.90
Sleeping Partners bedding set $89.90

ditto kiddo glider tunnel baby papasan bumbo seat
Glider and Ottoman $99.90
Fisher Price Crawl Through Tunnel $13.90
Pink Bumbo Seat (also available in green) $23.90
Fisher Price Baby Papasan Chair with mirrored mobile $37.90

Friday, July 20, 2007

ImageChef.com - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
All clearance clothing is now 50-75% off original Ditto Kiddo price.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

New (To Us) Cribs

We've had some great furniture come in lately. One crib came in Saturday morning, I got it put together and "dressed" with bedding and it sold immediately. Gotta love that!

Blue Crib Blue Crib with Bedding

Today our friend Jason, who did all the lettering on our windows, brought in his beautiful blue crib. I've always loved this crib. I put this blue Kidsline Del Mar bedding on it and, let me tell you, it's beautiful ... really just dreamy. The bedding colors with the crib colors are just perfect. The photos just don't cut it this time, the crib is a not as pale as it's showing up ... but at least you can get some idea of how it looks (stop in to get a better view). The crib would really go well with any number of bedding sets, including the Pooh set we got in Saturday. This crib is $119.90 and the bedding set is $69.90.

Crib with Pooh Bedding Crib Detail

Dresser with Pooh Accessories Pooh Accessories

This set came in Saturday. The crib and dresser have the same acorn detailing and are just beautiful. I love the Classic Pooh with this, the 100 Acre Woods and the sweet acorns just work perfectly. This crib is $119.90, the dresser is $89.90, the Classic Pooh bedding set is $14.90, and the accessories are all available and priced individually.

Ditto Kiddo Play Area

Ditto Kiddo Play Area

Ditto Kiddo Play Area New Food

The little boys and I had fun this morning. We completely cleaned the play area and replaced a bunch of toys with new ones, like the Melissa and Doug cutting food. The changing table has been restocked with diapers in many sizes, wipes, diaper cream, and talc. So far, the response has been very positive!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Buying Question

If I bring my things in in August when you're getting inundated with winter merchandise will I recieve the same amount of money as I would now?

YES. We pay a percentage of what we'll sell the items at, and since the selling price won't change neither will the amount you get paid. So bring the same Gap dress in in August, November, and March and you'd get the exact same amount for it each time. Pretty cool, huh?

  • We will be becoming even stricter about following our purchasing policies - no plastic bags of clothing, limit of 20 items.
  • As always, items must be in excellent, like new condition. If it doesn't look new we won't take it - it's that simple!
  • Bring us your winter clothing, starting August 1st, and bring us your summer clothing year-round.
  • We still need boys clothing, sizes 12 months through 2T.

And remember -- we celebrate the Florida Sales Tax Holiday August 4-13 and all clothing and shoes will be an additional 10% off that week.

Last week we were crazy busy, with lots of girls clothes, cribs, infant boys clothing, baby furniture, and toys coming in. Come on in and see for yourself.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Diaper Ointment Tip

While we were in Wisconsin Kaden got a rash all over his torso and face and Cassie's face had lots of dry spots. We went into town to get some California Baby Soothing and Healing Spray (which is also great for sunburn). The healthy living store was out of it but she said to apply diaper rash cream ... not the zinc oxide stuff, but the good stuff with calendula cream or similar. I happened to have some of the California Baby Calming Diaper Rash Cream (we have a few left at the store in the travel sizes - half price even). It really worked!

I eventually got Cassie hydrocortizone with aloe and she has been very pleased with that. Kaden's rash cleared up (maybe from the sun or the life jacket?) after a week or so.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

What Would You Do - Clingy Toddler

I get asked a lot of questions about babies, parenting, gear, etc. while at the store and I thought it'd be more helpful to everyone if I posted some of those questions here and got your feedback! So please answer the questions and let's create a resource that's helpful to all of us. Also, if you have a question or issue either e-mail it to me or post it in feedback and I'll post it as a subject. Cool, eh?

So here's the first question/issue ... Mom was in the other day and has an adorable 18 month old son. She is home with him during the day and he's an only child. Lately he has become very clingy and cries if she's out of his reach - even across the room, and this is constant - not just when he's tired or hungry. Her questions were ... Is this normal? Will it last forever? What can I do to start easing him into playing on his own for a few minutes at a time?

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Baby Einstein Videos/DVD's

Just in ...

This collection of Baby Einstein DVD's and video's. As with all our movies, the DVD's are $5.90 and the video's are $3.90.

One Bad Apple ... Not the Norm

Oh my, this article was posted in the News-Press while I was on vacation and was just brought to my attention (thanks Auntie Kate). Please pass this information on Qwik Pack & Ship to your friends and neighbors. Do know that most resale/consignment/eBay/etc. stores are quite upstanding and this one bad apple is not reflective of most of the industry!

Let me just say that we pride ourselves on being very honest, very forthright, and very open with our customers and sellers. We are always willing to tell you exactly what we can pay you for an item. We are also happy to answer any questions about pricing/purchasing policies, and our policies are clearly stated. And, while it's extremely rare, we're perfectly ok with someone not accepting what we are willing to pay.

Of course, we pay when you bring the items in so there's no chance that the problems mentioned in the article would occur at Ditto Kiddo. But ... we have a great many friends who own consignment shops and my oldest daughter consigns her items at Trader Tots in Cape Coral, with great confidence and success. If you are interested in taking your items to a shop that's new to you visit the shop and get a feel for it, read the consignment agreement carefully, ask your neighbors about their experiences at that particular shop, and google the store name and location for feedback.

Time Magazine Article - Well Worth Reading

I've been meaning to mention this Time Magazine article for a few weeks. While it's not kid-specific it certainly has points that can be related to Ditto Kiddo and our fashion conscious kids (and Moms!). Enjoy.

Wanted: Boys Clothes 12 month - 2 year

Spend a hot summer day making a bit of cash!
Enjoy your air conditioning while cleaning out your son's closet and bring us his gently used outgrown spring and summer clothing. Enjoy our air conditioning while we sort through them and pay you cash on the spot, for you to either keep or use towards our wonderful merchandise.
Our most needed clothing sizes right now are 12 months through 2T, but we are, of course, happy to look at all boys clothing from newborn-7 and girls clothing from newborn-10.
Remember, we'll start taking winter clothes on August 1st.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sales Tax Holiday August 4-13

It's that time of year again ... back to school shopping and the Florida sales tax holiday.

As a retailer we do participate in the sales tax holiday. All our clothing and shoes will be sales tax exempt the 4th through 13th of August. In addition, all clothing and shoes will be 10% off that week! Woo hoo!

All our cooler weather clothing will be out by August 1st, and we'll be accepting fall and winter clothing after August 1st, so the selection will be huge.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Working Vacation

This really is a working vacation ... today we Ditto Kiddo shopped. 5 HUGE shopping bags full of brand NEW clothes in sizes 12 months to 8 years.

Some of the things we got are winter, and won't go out until August, but the rest is summery and should be out by this Friday!

Speaking of winter clothing, we'll start taking it August 1st and will continue to take it through December. We buy summer year-round, and it sells year-round, so don't ever stop bringing the lighterweight things in.

Markdowns were done Friday and Saturday. Hurry in for best selection, as always the clearance merchandise sells fast.


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