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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

New (To Us) Cribs

We've had some great furniture come in lately. One crib came in Saturday morning, I got it put together and "dressed" with bedding and it sold immediately. Gotta love that!

Blue Crib Blue Crib with Bedding

Today our friend Jason, who did all the lettering on our windows, brought in his beautiful blue crib. I've always loved this crib. I put this blue Kidsline Del Mar bedding on it and, let me tell you, it's beautiful ... really just dreamy. The bedding colors with the crib colors are just perfect. The photos just don't cut it this time, the crib is a not as pale as it's showing up ... but at least you can get some idea of how it looks (stop in to get a better view). The crib would really go well with any number of bedding sets, including the Pooh set we got in Saturday. This crib is $119.90 and the bedding set is $69.90.

Crib with Pooh Bedding Crib Detail

Dresser with Pooh Accessories Pooh Accessories

This set came in Saturday. The crib and dresser have the same acorn detailing and are just beautiful. I love the Classic Pooh with this, the 100 Acre Woods and the sweet acorns just work perfectly. This crib is $119.90, the dresser is $89.90, the Classic Pooh bedding set is $14.90, and the accessories are all available and priced individually.

Ditto Kiddo Play Area

Ditto Kiddo Play Area

Ditto Kiddo Play Area New Food

The little boys and I had fun this morning. We completely cleaned the play area and replaced a bunch of toys with new ones, like the Melissa and Doug cutting food. The changing table has been restocked with diapers in many sizes, wipes, diaper cream, and talc. So far, the response has been very positive!

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