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Saturday, July 14, 2007

What Would You Do - Clingy Toddler

I get asked a lot of questions about babies, parenting, gear, etc. while at the store and I thought it'd be more helpful to everyone if I posted some of those questions here and got your feedback! So please answer the questions and let's create a resource that's helpful to all of us. Also, if you have a question or issue either e-mail it to me or post it in feedback and I'll post it as a subject. Cool, eh?

So here's the first question/issue ... Mom was in the other day and has an adorable 18 month old son. She is home with him during the day and he's an only child. Lately he has become very clingy and cries if she's out of his reach - even across the room, and this is constant - not just when he's tired or hungry. Her questions were ... Is this normal? Will it last forever? What can I do to start easing him into playing on his own for a few minutes at a time?


Jody said...

My response was - yes it's normal, no it won't last forever but that it would be best for him if he develops the confidence and ability to be by himself as he'll need that as he gets older, suggestions ... play with him, teach him how he can play with specific toys and then leave him on occasion to do so - that way he'll have tools to entertain himself, have specific toys/activities in certain places that he can only play with when he's in those places (she suggested a basket of toys for when she's in the shower that gets put away when he's done), also just to give it time - his behavior is completely age appropriate and while it's best to foster some independence he is doing just fine for his age

Anonymous said...

If Mom sleeps with a snugli blanket and then gives it to him when she walks away he may feel more secure, knowing her smell is with him.

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