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Thursday, July 12, 2007

One Bad Apple ... Not the Norm

Oh my, this article was posted in the News-Press while I was on vacation and was just brought to my attention (thanks Auntie Kate). Please pass this information on Qwik Pack & Ship to your friends and neighbors. Do know that most resale/consignment/eBay/etc. stores are quite upstanding and this one bad apple is not reflective of most of the industry!

Let me just say that we pride ourselves on being very honest, very forthright, and very open with our customers and sellers. We are always willing to tell you exactly what we can pay you for an item. We are also happy to answer any questions about pricing/purchasing policies, and our policies are clearly stated. And, while it's extremely rare, we're perfectly ok with someone not accepting what we are willing to pay.

Of course, we pay when you bring the items in so there's no chance that the problems mentioned in the article would occur at Ditto Kiddo. But ... we have a great many friends who own consignment shops and my oldest daughter consigns her items at Trader Tots in Cape Coral, with great confidence and success. If you are interested in taking your items to a shop that's new to you visit the shop and get a feel for it, read the consignment agreement carefully, ask your neighbors about their experiences at that particular shop, and google the store name and location for feedback.

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