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Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I've had so many requests for mannequins - pricing and sizing and such - that I thought I'd go ahead and post everything here.

12 004 26 022
First, I have soft doll like forms. They are a cream color from head to toe. The dolls are poseable, but don't have wire inside so they are best leaning against something, sitting, or posed just right that they stay put. Each are $25.
update 3/14/08: one remaining
1 are 27" tall and wear about 6-12 months clothing
2 1 are 33" tall and wear 18 month clothing
2 1 are 38" tall and wear 3-4T

2 1 are 44" tall and wear a 5-6

12 002
I have 2 one half forms on silver bases. They wear 12-18 month clothes and the height is adjusted at the base. Both of these have poseable arms but the shoulder sockets are broken so the arms hang naturally (they look fine but can't keep their hands above their heads). Each are $30.

12 003 07 009
I have 4 mannequins from the Gap, the kind they used to use. The four are full bodies and wear about 12 months clothes, but we've managed with 6 months up to 24 months depending on the items. The four do not come with stands but have openings at the backs of their legs to attach to a stand. They have cord at the back of their necks to hang them and have a maple toned disc at the neck opening. Each are $40.

I have two larger mannequins like the Gap kind but about a size 4-6 in clothing. Each are $40.
all sold

12 001 22 005
I have many fabric covered foam forms that hang. They give a nice shape to clothes, looking much better than just a hanger! $10 each.
5 2 size small, approximately 6-18 months
5 2 size medium, approximately 3t-5
3 size large, approximately 6-7

I might have heads for some of the headless mannequins, but they are being sold as if they are headless because I haven't located all the heads yet. If I find them I'll include them!

If you're interested in any of these or have any questions just ask.

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