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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Baby!

Jason and I met, many years ago, at-a-now-demolished-because-there-weren't-enough-condos-in-Naples restaurant where we both worked. That restaurant was also the place we met our much loved former employees, Kelly and Nikol ... and a lot of other really cool people, like Chad and Cindy.

The summer after Jason and I began dating he, Chad, Cindy, another crazy guy named Clark (whatever happened to Clark???), and Jason's cousin, Christian, decided to go to Alaska to fish salmon. And so they went ... none of the five of them had anything remotely resembling a plan, but they had lots of youthful something.

One fine day Chad's and Cindy's eyes met across a pile of fish guts and they fell in love ... and the rest is history (ok, that might be a slight embelishment, but they did fall in love).
After the summer ended the guys came back to Naples and resumed their "normal" lives ... except Chad and Cindy, who continued traveling, working throughout Alaska and the rest of the United States, and living the lives many of us dreamed of. Eventually they married and have been settled in Alaska for quite a while. And this year our Christmas card from them contained the birth announcement of their first child!

Because we met them in Florida we had to send something reminiscent of Florida, but we also had to keep in mind that they live in Alaska.

So here it is ... a matching, beautiful Because I'm Me blanket and burp cloth. The blanket is flannel with embroidered red crabs, with super soft chenille on the reverse side. The burp pad is the same soft blue flannel. In keeping with the Florida crab theme we included a Melissa and Doug first Play crab and a Leap Frog Crab Rattle.

Congratulations Cindy and Chad!

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