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Friday, June 15, 2007

A Quilt for K

june15n 002

I finished this quilt today. One might ask why I'm posting about it here, on the Ditto Kiddo site instead of on the Because I'm Me/personal site. Well, actually, it's posted in both places! It's posted here because a bunch of the fabrics used came from clothing that made it all the way to 75% off and I thought the prints were too cute or the fabrics too high quality to just let go of. Plus, I like the idea of recycling the clothes instead of just buying new fabric (part of the reason I believe in Ditto Kiddo so much). The rest of the fabrics are from my boys, things they stained but I still liked, or things that had gone through 2-3 of them and I just couldn't part with them.

june15n 006 june15n 005

june15n 007

A side note ... we're often asked what happens to the clothes that don't sell on clearance. Most are donated to women's shelters, pregnant teen homes, local churches, and migrant workers. When there has been a need from hurricanes we've donated as much as we can, and always will. It's important to us to give to support our local community first, and we prefer the items to be directly given to someone, rather than sold, and the above groups are the ones we've found to be the best fit for us. The rest of the clothes are set aside for an upcoming season, if we are confident they didn't sell just because they were out at the wrong time of year. And, as you can see from the quilt, some end up in sewing projects.


B. Zane Holimon said...
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B. Zane Holimon said...

That is a beautiful quilt! I love the recycled fabrics! In fact, I am in the process right now of making a baby quilt out of my husbands old dress shirts! It has been so much fun (with lots of cutting time, though!).

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