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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Hut

So, have you been to The Hut? Have you even heard of it?

The Hut is a wonderful restaurant located in Buckingham near the world famous Buckingham Blues Bar (no, I don't know why it's world famous and I can honestly say I've never been there, but with a name like that it really is tempting).

We (Jason, me, and the kids) have dined at the Hut a few times and have always wondered why we don't get there more often. The price is reasonable, the seven of us ate for about $80 without alcohol (but 4 of those 7 were under 10). The service is outstanding, each time we've eaten there we've been more than happy with the service and that's saying a lot coming from current and former restaurant employees. Atmosphere is nice too ... all around a winner in our book.

Tuesday night is "all you can eat fish fry".

The real treats at the Hut are the gardens. Filled with both mature native and exotic species of plants and a beautiful waterfall and goldfish pond, the gardens are not only tropical and peaceful but educational too.

As the condos take over Naples and Fort Myers there are fewer and fewer real tropical restaurants that give that "Florida" feel, so we feel very blessed that the Hut remains. I would never say it has that "old Florida" feel though, as to me that conjures up images of perhaps not the cleanest or most modern ambiance, and the Hut is definately modern (updated a few years ago), clean, and spacious.

The history of The Hut:
Edwin Peace, a German man, sailed in the merchant marines. Upon his ship landing in Tahiti he met Princess Ramira Stephagee. He offered a pocket knife for Princess Ramira's hand in marriage. The couple choose to reside in Fort Myers and acquired the property where the Hut sits today.

Mr. Peace began experimenting growing various species of rare tropical plants. He was granted permission to import plants from all around the world, and succeeded in growing a tropical wonderland, which was admired and enjoyed by frequent visitors and friend, Thomas Edison. As a result of the close friendship between Edison and Peace, many rare specimens on the Edison Estate
today came from the Peace Gardens.

Edwin and Lolita raised two children. A son, Oscar and a daughter, Lolita. Lolita became a famous Tahitian dancer and now resides in Miami. Oscar joined the Navy, and since retired to North Carolina and is now deceased. Princess Ramira Stephagee Peace died in 1967, and the children inherited the Peace Tropical Gardens.

Upon Lolita and Oscar parting ways, together they sold the property to Marie Louise Books Rector, who with her husband, owned and operated the famous Newagen Inn, in Newagen Maine, and the Royal Palm Hotel in Fort Myers. Marie had a dream for the newly acquired property. . . . In her dream, she visualized the gardens restored to their natural beauty, and a majestic tropical restaurant standing on the adjunct property in the unique and beautiful community of Buckingham. The dream became a reality and remains today for all to enjoy. The Hut Restaurant, a gem amongst the gardens. Perfect for a romantic dinner for two, a casual outing with a group of friends, celebrating a birthday with family and much more.

***It has been so busy today that it has taken me hours to write this (and all the italicized history was copied and pasted ) ... my point is simply this: eat at the Hut, go before it's dark and enjoy the gardens, and have fun. It's well worth it!

The Hut 5150 Buckingham Rd Fort Myers, FL 33905 239-694-4178

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