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Friday, October 26, 2007

A Short Story

26 021
"Big Brother, what are you doing?
"I'm reading a book Little Brother."

26 019
"Can you read it to me? Can you? Can you?"
"Yes, I will read to you, but you must remember to be careful with the pages."

26 022
"I'll help you up onto this big super-comfy chair, Little Brother."
"OK! Thank you Big Brother. I love you."

26 016
And Big Brother read a wonderful book to Little Brother. And the two brothers were very happy.

26 018
And then they reclined their super-comfy glider and took an afternoon nap, dreaming of Winnie the Pooh and all the fun things they could do later in the afternoon.

Glider: Dutalier reclining glider with ottoman $199
Big Brother's clothing: Gymboree overalls, 18-24 months, $8.90 :: Old Navy blue shirt, 18-24 months, $3.90
Little Brother's clothing: Green Dog reversible 2 piece outfit, 12 months, $7.90 :: Starting Out Green polo shirt, 12 months, $4.90

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