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Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Hired Help

I hired some new "seasonal" help today. Don't worry ... Jason and I will still be around, this help is here to restock, price, hang, and put out merchandise. My new employees range in age from 4 to 9, and work in close contact with the already-on-the-payroll 14 year old.

Why am I using cheap* child labor (which, apparently, I can get away with because they're family)? Let's see ...

  • 13 big boxes of Melissa and Doug, just in time for the holidays ... some great new toys and puzzles as well as restockings of our favorites
  • 2 large Rubbermaid tubs filled to the brim with great clothing, including girly dress-up ballerina wear, Lilly Pulitzer dresses, boys suits, and much, much, more
  • Pants ... we got ahold of some pant hangers and put out over 60 pairs of pants/shorts/skirts today
  • Markdowns ... new markdowns on clothing will be done by Monday
  • Toys ... yesterday I couldn't walk to the backroom because we'd taken in so many wonderful toys, including some Thomas train items. I can walk now as all the toys are priced and put out in our full, but very organized and tidy, toy room
  • 26 pairs of Bobux arrived yesterday as well ... most sizes and designs are now fully stocked

*The labor worked inexpensively ... total cost for 5 laborers @ 2.5 hours of work was $23.75, but they insisted on being fed dinner at Crisper's which cost $38.00!

1 comment:

Beth H said...

Goodness, with all those new things I'm going to have to come back next week. Too bad we missed you and the slave labor today, but it was fun to meet Jason!

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