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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

This End of Bonita Beach Road

27 003

I received word this morning that the deli next to me, Taste, is going to be open for lunch (I'm not sure about dinner) starting in January. "Yum" is all I have to say about that!

Have you met our other neighbors yet? A few months ago our plaza became fully leased. First came a shop selling electric bikes and bathing suits, and then a women's resale shop. Both are worth a visit.

I read in the News-Press yesterday that the Toucan Grill is going to be reopened as something else by the owner of Wyld's. And there is now a post office in the plaza behind Toucan Grill, back in the corner business (a rubber-stamping shop) where the postal station was a few years ago ... I forget the name of the former business but it was a shells and touristy stuff shop, always full of customers.

This end of the road is picking up again.

Along the same subject line, please support local business. I know it's nice to go to Coconut Pointe or Target to do your shopping and dining but it's the local businesses that add to the character of Bonita Springs. Here's a really nice article that sums it up much better than I ever could. And if that doesn't sell you on shopping local then consider the difference in service at your locally owned store (like Ditto Kiddo) and the big guy (like Target, which, for some things, I like as much as the next guy) ... we know your name and we really care.

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