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Monday, November 26, 2007

Homemade Baby Food

I made baby food for all of my kids, most especially the last three. In fact, I don't think Adam or Kaden ever ate a jar of storebought baby food. I did buy the rice cereal though because it's a great thickener and I tried different recipes for baby cereal at home and didn't have success until they were old enough to advance to oatmeal and the like.

Mia, the third child, wouldn't touch baby food. No way, no how. Never took to it ... she wanted solid food. At 7 months old she was eating pizza from the restaurant in our plaza. But that's a different story ...

And why am I posting this here, you wonder? Because with all the money you'll save you'll be able to shop more at Ditto Kiddo (and I just think it's a good idea).

Here are some links for homemade baby food recipes/hints/tricks, etc. If you don't what you're looking for ask ... I may have an answer to your question.


Baby food recipes

National Network for Childcare: Baby Foods

More baby food recipes

Amazon.com - search for baby food recipe and plenty of books come up!

Bon Appetit!

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