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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

hello ... hello ... echo ... echo ...

When I was a child my family rented a cottage on the same lakes we now go to every summer. Midway through the chain was a bridge ... I think it was made of metal. It echoed really loudly and, of course, everyone had to hoot and holler as the boat went under the bridge. One summer my grandmother, who was quite ladylike ... a judges wife, taught us to call out "Board of Health" as we passed under the bridge. You must try it sometime.

We've mostly cleaned out the "newer" side of the store, the side we added a few years ago.

It's great. The kids can skateboard, play tag, run really fast, you know, all that really cool stuff I don't want them to do.

And the room echoes. Every time I answer the phone or say "hello" anywhere near there I crack up because it's SO loud, and so echoey, which I seem to forget, often.

We've already tried saying "board of health". The echo isn't quite that good ... but it's pretty good for a store.

So when drop by don't think I'm nuts for giggling. It's not you ... it's just the echo ... echo ... echo ...

Oh, and the fixtures in the photos are for sale, just so ya know.

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