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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Withdrawal Help

I know what it's like to not get your fix ... the uncomfortable physical or mental changes that happen when the body is deprived of the awesome new and secondhand merchandise that it is accustomed to getting. Here's help:

Twinkle Twinkle Little Store in Naples ... I have no firsthand information about this shop but the girls who own it have been in a few times and are wonderful. It's located in the same plaza as Outback Steakhouse.

Small Wonders in Lehigh Acres ... this store is great. She's been open a few months, has a great selection of merchandise, and runs a really clean well-organized shop.

There is also a Once Upon a Child opening in Springs Plaza in Bonita Springs, near K-Mart where the dollar store used to be.

In other news: yes, our website is down. We closed it yesterday because of some fishy activity that made me wonder if someone had broken into our account. The blog will be here for a while, but the links to the website go nowhere (I removed some of the links yesterday, but I hadn't realized how Ditto Kiddo site link happy I actually was!).

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