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Monday, September 17, 2007


Ditto Kiddo is turning 8!

Click on one of the photos above or below (or just click here) to receive our birthday gift to you!

Why are we celebrating for a month? I have a relatively bad memory, could be old age, could be kids, could be lack of sleep, who knows. So I thought the Ditto Kiddo anniversary/birthday was this month. But it's next month. So I figured, what the heck, we'll offer the coupon for a whole month. Plus, what almost-eight-year-old doesn't think their birthday should be celebrated for a whole month?

Eight years we've been in business. That's hard to believe until I look at the kids, both mine and yours, and realize how much they've grown and changed.

Thank you ... for your business, of course, but mostly for allowing us into your lives and sharing your children and grandchildren with us. One thing I've always said about Ditto Kiddo is that it's fun to go to work ... I don't have very many grumpy customers, instead I'm blessed with lots of proud parents, boasting grandparents, and excited parents-to-be. So, thanks, and enjoy our birthday with us.

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Nikol said...

Congratulations on 8 wonderful years! I remember walking in when you first opened and thinking that the 5 rounders of clothes in the store was "so much stuff!" You have set a high industry standard over the years, and I know you hold a special place in our hearts.
The Murphy's

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