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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Shopping to Save

Many of us are creatures of habit and we do not necessarily like change. We shop for the same items at the same store just because that's the way we have always done it. That's unfortunate, because sometimes changing where and how we shop for things can save us a great deal of money.

Here are some examples of shopping opportunities at Ditto Kiddo that will make a difference in your family budget and stretch your dollars!

Jeans ... boys Gap jeans retail for between $19.50 and $34.50 (even more for girls!), at Ditto Kiddo they are just $7.90 or $8.90, depending on embellishments ... a savings of more than 50%

Cribs ... a Ragazzi crib retails for about $799, at Ditto Kiddo the same crib is $199, just a small fraction of the new price

Halloween Costumes ... why pay up to $39 or more for a costume when the most expensive costume at Ditto Kiddo is $7.90, and most are under $5.00

Baby Gear ... a Fisher Price Papasan swing is $139 at Target, and just $89.90 at Ditto Kiddo ... saving you $49.10

Toys ... Target sells the Fisher Price Little People Zoo Train for $14.99, at Ditto Kiddo it's only $7.90

Sweaters ... 95% of the sweaters at Ditto Kiddo sell for under $10, and all are in excellent like-new condition

Books ... Ditto Kiddo sells all kids books for $.50 ... that's a price that just can't be beat!

Winter Jackets ... all jackets are always under $14.90 at Ditto Kiddo

Other benefits to buying like new items at Ditto Kiddo:
**Items are already put together (I know I'm not the only one who has cursed more than once assembling toys and gear)

**Shrinkage ... there won't be any - what you see is what you get, along the same lines you know how the clothing will look after it's been washed because it already has been!

**Recycling ... this one goes without saying, recycling is good for all of us

**Customer Service - have a question, ask us, we're always perfectly happy to give you our honest opinion about products, based on what we've been told by our children, customers, friends, trade publication reviews, etc.

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