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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Melissa and Doug Toys

As you know, I carry Melissa and Doug toys at Ditto Kiddo. With the multitude of recent recalls I feel it's important to state that Melissa and Doug toys are safe from lead paint and other toxins. The company has employees of their own at all their factories in China and testing is done constantly to make sure their products meet all US safety standards. Their toys are also retested after entering the United States. NONE of their toys have been involved in a recall.

I had the pleasure of speaking with a company spokesperson yesterday and have every confidence that their toys are safe, and will not hesitate to continue allowing my five children to play with them.

Below are a few links regarding the safety standards of Melissa and Doug Toys (basically, they say what I want to but better than I can, and have done the legwork and research for the rest of us):

I also carry Sassy toys, which have not been involved in any recalls and have received high praise in safety testing. I'll continue to carry and confidently promote these toys along with the Melissa and Doug toys.


Emily said...

Regarding Sassy toys, several months ago my husband took a few of our toys to an independent lead tester. The green key on the Sassy Classical Keys piano contained lead paint. Here is an image http://di1.shopping.com/images1/pi/be/6e/94/35432394-177x150-0-0.jpg

I looked on Sassy's website a few weeks ago and they were still selling it. However, I just checked again and the color scheme is different now. Unfortunately, I never saw a recall for this toy. Just an FYI if anyone has the piano with the green key in the middle.

Randy said...

Two M&D products have been recalled in Canada because their paint contained the toxic chemical barium.


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