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Friday, September 28, 2007

Something strange and new is happening


Yeah, so this was fun when I posted the first picture two weeks ago, and we'd really given up hope by this one, but it has finally happened ...

28 012

They've painted our building!

This was supposed to happen around the beginning of June, if I remember correctly. The picture I posted two weeks ago is the bathroom window (yup, Nikol was right) ... yes they painted the bathroom window ... in fact, they painted it both times they've painted the building so it's got strips of the new and the old color. I can't really complain though ... we've still got hurricane wood on that window from Charlie (we're afraid to tempt fate by taking it down).

The second picture is the front of the store, and that's how it looked for a week and a half (Beth guessed correctly). They'd started painting and then it started raining and some of the paint dripped down the building. In some spots it was kind of cool, but overall ... not so much.

25 003

See what I mean?

28 013

But now here we are two weeks later with a fancy "terra cotta" colored building with bright blue roof. I'm happy ... it's definately more visible from the road and a much more current color. It'll make my life easier on the phone too ... no more saying "look for the kind of cream colored building with bright red and blue sign", now I can say "orange building with blue roof ... you can't miss it!".

Now come on in and check out our new "outerwear".

1 comment:

Beth H said...

I like it, I like it. I was thinking it was inside, but the outside sure looks great!!

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