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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Interesting Day!

What a day we had at Ditto Kiddo.

I brought a quilt I needed to bind, thinking if we didn't buy much today I'd get that done (a benefit of owning the store!). Yea right, I barely had time to put it under the counter ... and never even looked at it.

The first phone call of the day was a reporter with ABC7 doing an article on the recent recalls, which we've mentioned here and here. Here's the link to the article (the video news segment is on the right). Being interviewed was so much fun! The last time I had to do a tv interview was about 12 years ago when I organized a fundraiser for the American Red Cross to support the flood victims in Bonita Springs. During that interview I had a huge camera and giant mike in my face ... very intimidating! This time they clipped a little mike to me and had the camera across the room ... it really felt like I was just talking to the reporter, Katie LaGrone, who is just a really neat person. Toward the end of the interview they needed "footage" and filmed me doing everyday work ... of course it was the only time today when the store was empty ... I felt like such a boring dork ... fortunately that didn't make it onto the report.

As soon as the news people left the store was flooded with people, both buying and bringing things in. And all great stuff - Ralph Lauren and Baby Lulu dresses, a dark wood toddler bed, Florence Eiseman boys outfits, and so much more. The biggest comments we've heard the last few weeks is that store is so full, and that it's all great stuff.

And then the last call of the day was USA Today, also doing an article on the recalls. I'm not sure that I'll end up in that article. The interviewer was looking for information about dealing with returning and receiving refunds for recalled items, but we've been blessed to not actually have any of the most recently recalled items in the store. I was able to inform her about how we've dealt with recalls in the past (call the company on the recall notice at cpsc.gov, they send out a mailing label and usually an envelope to return the item, return the item, they send refund/retrofit/credit within a few weeks ... easy peasy) and relay the wording in the recall notice to her. While I wasn't able to be too helpful to her it was pretty cool to be well-thought of enough to be called!

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Beth H said...

OH, you're a celebrity. You'll have to post a link to the story if they have it online.

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