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Friday, August 10, 2007

What Would You Do: Child Not Ready for School?

If your child had a late birthday (August) would you go ahead and send them to school or would you hold them back a year?

If you weren't sure if your child was ready to start Kindergarten would you send them?


Jody said...

Cassie's birthday is at the end of August, she barely made the cutoff. I went ahead and sent her and she stayed in public school through K and 1st grade. She was definately more immature than her classmates, but academically she did fine. Her age had a definate impact on our decision to home school though, she just wasn't keeping up socially with her peers.

Now she's starting high school. I think she'll do fine, even though she'll be one of the youngest in her class.

jojo* said...

My son's b-day is in July and we held him back a year without a second thought. I've heard that girls should be a full 5 and boys a full 5-1/2 before starting kdg. I'm sure lots of kids go earlier than that and do fine, but we just wanted to make sure he had every advantage going in.

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