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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Website Update

The kids and I spent the afternoon at Ditto Kiddo today taking pictures of all the bigger furniture, gear, toys, etc. for the website. The goal is to keep the site updated so when someone calls looking to see what we've got for cribs or strollers we can both tell them on the phone and direct them to the site for visuals.

Of course, this means I have to update those pages of the site constantly! Wish me luck.

aug 26 043
Here's our white background for the pictures. It's a bed skirt hung at the ceiling by a large number of clips and wires. M looks awfully hesitant, doesn't she?

aug 26 044
On one side the contraption is held together by green kite string clothespin-clipped to the bed skirt and then wrapped MacGyver style around a hook on the Sassy toys rack.

aug 26 045
On the other side, more kite string, strung from the bedskirt to the girls rack, wrapped around that a few times, then down the side, finally tied below to a pants hanger (it wouldn't all fit in the picture).

It worked perfectly, and didn't fall down ... which we were a wee bit concerned about.

The kids had a great assembly line going - they'd bring an item over, set it up where they wanted it, I'd photograph it, they'd take it away and the next child would bring another item. Perfect.

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