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Friday, August 31, 2007

Wow! i'coo stroller

aug 31 037 aug 31 039
aug 31 038 aug 31 033

We actually took a lot more pictures of this cool i'coo stroller, cause it does so much, but decided to spare you! It's so cool. Where to begin ... BIG wheels and comes with an air pump for the back wheels, the seat reclines and can be reversed, or the seat can be removed and set up to accomodate an infant car seat, big hood, adjustable handlebars ... just so dang cool!

The stroller is identical to the Rock Star Baby, except that it doesn't include a seperate bassinet attachment (but the seat reclines fully for a newborn, as you can see in the photos) and doesn't have the cool "rock star baby" embroidery on it, and, I think, the green is a much better color for Florida than black.

Our price on this one $149.00 (MSRP $399-450), and I can guarantee this won't be around for long (this Bumbleride sold in 3 days).

aug 31 041

Also in this week, an Arm's Reach Mini Co-Sleeper

aug 31 042

and a Fisher-Price Papason Cradle Swing

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