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Monday, August 13, 2007

New Header

See my high-tech new header? I loved the old one, with the chalk writing, but this one is fun too. Believe it or not, I made this myself (why yes, it DOES look like it was made by an experienced artist, I've just got a natural gift).

12 004

The stamps are the Wooden Alphabet Stamp Set by Melissa and Doug, available at Ditto Kiddo for $19.99, the set includes all uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as 4 punctuation marks and ink.

12 003

This weekend I had to get some thank you cards. The preprinted ones were $3.49 each and up ... yikes! I bought a set of 10 blank cards and envelopes for $3.99 and will stamp "thank you" on them with these beautiful letter stamps. Hey, I can stamp anything I want to on the rest of the cards! This is going to be fun! These stamps are definately not just for kids!

12 006

There are a few picture stamps in some of the pictures, those aren't included in the alphabet set, but are also available, along with a Classroom Stamp Set, and a Horse Stable Stamp Set.

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